ISSN: 2717-4417
Urban Design
Evaluation of desirable public territory ( A case study for attendants in Tabi'at bridge)

yaser shahbazi; Azita Balali Oskui; elham shahabi

Volume 6, Issue 24 , November 2017, , Pages 67-80

  Flexibility index was added in the functional dimension as an effective factor for realizing the origin of desirability and promoting the creation of territorial perception. Flexibility refers to flexible furniture design and the flexible use of space in the form of both socialization and desocialization. ...  Read More

Urban Architecture
Manifestation of perceptual geometry in the development of Iranian cities in history (case study: the city of Hamadan)

Amir Hossein Farshchian; Azita Balali Oskuei

Volume 4, Issue 15 , August 2015, , Pages 53-68

  The present study is based on the analysis of perceiving geometry aiming at explaining, analyzing and displaying the geometry system of urban development according to different periods and the factors affecting it. Cities are formed from the crowds gathered along rivers and ...  Read More