ISSN: 2322-2875

According to letter No. 88/10/459 dated by 10 Jan. 2010, the scientific-research degree of Motaleate Shahri has been accredited by secretariat of planning and policy making center of research (the ministry of science, research and technology of Iran). it published articles about Urban studies.

we invite contributions of original and high-quality urban planning research papers (Persian and English) of broad impact. The journal aims to introduce new achievements in the field of theoretical studies of urban planning, to publish the latest research findings in this field, to improve the quality of urban planning research in Iran. Subject areas may include, but are not limited to:  

  • Review and evaluation of ideology, attitudes and theories of urban design and planning.
  • Concepts, principles, methodologies and techniques related to urban design and planning.
  • Publication of scientific and research findings related to urban planning and design based on urban planners, policy makers and analysts, and urbanists from all disciplines.
  • Creating a platform for exchanging knowledge and opinions in the field of urban planning and design.