ISSN: 2717-4417
Urban Scape
Clarification of the hidden language of the modern metropolis of Tehran by analyzing the selected Iranian movies in 2016

nazila rashidpour; Mohsen Habibi; Manouchehr tabibian

Volume 11, Issue 43 , August 2022, , Pages 77-86

  Highlights - As a social space and cultural production of modernity and the capitalist economy, the metropolis has been encoded to convey the preferred meanings. - The metropolis cannot present itself beyond the limitations of any strictly positivistic outlook, and it requires semiotic and phenomenological ...  Read More

Urban Ecology
Proposing a framework for city’s ecological resilience pattern

SEPIDEH MOVAHED; Manouchehr Tabibian

Volume 9, Issue 33 , February 2020, , Pages 109-126

  Man’s most complex products, cities are confronted with great risks due to both the wide range of risks and changes involved in them and their multiple vulnerabilities. These changes include numerous disorders, some of which are known and predictable, while most are unpredictable and beyond expectation. ...  Read More

Urban Sustainability
Explaining the Process of Sustainable Landscape Realization in the Contemporary City Utilizing Landscape Urbanism Theory

mojde erfani; Hossein Bahrainy; Manouchehr Tabibian

Volume 8, Issue 30 , May 2019, , Pages 3-16

  Abstract Lack of attention to the “dynamic” concept of the landscape, the “holistic” approach to it, and the use of conventional methods in the study of urban development projects has shaped an urban landscape that is unable to meet the demands of its inhabitants over time. Therefore, ...  Read More

Urban Planning
Assessment of vulnerability of residential areas to earthquake disasters and it's planning guidelines (Case study: District number 6, Tehran municipality)

Manouchehr Tabibian; negin mozafari

Volume 7, Issue 27 , August 2018, , Pages 93-112

  Geographical location and seismic records of many Iranian cities, including Tehran, draw attention to the vulnerability to earthquake hazards in various fields and specialties. Due to its nature, urban planning examines this issue in the urban fabrics. In line with this, the present study investigates ...  Read More