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The authors have the right to complaint and ask explanation if they perceive any misconduct in any applicable policies and ethical guidelines. The authors can raise their complaint by submitting a letter to the journal e-mail address at : All the complaint regarding delinquencies in the work processes are investigated according to the prevailing publication ethics practices.

Any scholar may submit their complaints about any issues related to plagiarism, copyright violation, deceiving in research results, violation in set standard for research, unrevealed conflict of interest and authorship issues.

 Once a complaint is received, at first, an acknowledgment is sent to the complainant with an assurance that appropriate action will be taken on the complaint. The investigation process is initiated by the Journal Management. After the investigation is over, a meeting is held with a complete report on the complaint and the decision is taken in and the same is forwarded to the concerned author through his submitted email ID.

Motaleate Shahri considers complaints as an opportunity to enhance existing Manuscript Processing System. All the received complaints are dealt with in a polite and timely manner.