ISSN: 2717-4417

After logging into the personal page and submitting the article, the corresponding author can track the status of the submitted manuscript on the journal site. In addition, any changes to the status of the article will be notified by email to the corresponding author and all other authors.

If the submitted article is approved by the editorial board in the initial evaluation, this issue will be notified to the author both through the author's personal page on the journal site and via email, and the article will enter the judging stage. This issue will be notified to the responsible author both through the journal site and via email.

If the reviewers request corrections for the article, the article will be returned to the author to make the desired corrections, and after the final approval of the reviewers and the application of the referees' correction suggestions by the author, the article will be accepted and will be in the print queue after payment.

In due time, the authors are asked to edit the article according to the publication method of the journal articles that are available to the authors at that time and send it to the journal office for electronic and paper printing.

 Prior to the publication of the article, the authors shall provide the authors with such an opportunity if the authors request a correction of the order of the authors' names, and their reasons are sufficient and acceptable to the journal. To correct the order of the authors, it is necessary to prepare a written request with the signatures of all authors addressed to the editor in-chief of the journal and send it to the office by the responsible author. It is not possible to add the name of a new author to an article after submitting.

After the article has been published, authors should notify the journal if there are any potential errors in the published article and, if necessary, work with the journal to correct the manuscript or delete the article.