ISSN: 2717-4417

The scientific aims of the Motaleate Shahri are to deal with the concepts, theoretical, functional and epistemological foundations of urban and design planning. The journal favors contributions which move beyond the profiling of specific cities or phenomena that are relevant only to single or an extremely limited number of locations. Rather the journal seeks contributions that focus on matters that are intrinsically urban in nature and studies into urban process and urban outcomes that, while grounded in specific locations, contribute to a wider urban theoretical and conceptual understanding. The primary aims of the journal are to evaluation and assess past and present urban development and management and the promotion of the implementation of appropriate urban planning in both the developed and the developing world.


 The journal pursues the following goals:

  • Creating and promoting knowledge in the field of urban research.
  • Interaction of knowledge in specialized urban areas.
  • Publishing scientific articles in the field of theoretical studies of urban management; public-private sector cooperation; development and planning problems; urban regeneration; neighborhood conservation, urban planning, urbanism, environment and urban design, smart cities and regions; infrastructure and presenting the results of theoretical and practical researches of scholars and active science centers.
  • Investigating the possibilities enabled by the connection between the urban and design planning, the benefits, the difficulties/criticalities or the lesson learnt from past experiences and the possible future strategies. 


   Research Area

The Journal of Motaleate Shahri accepts articles written in the following research areas.

 environmental psychology

 Islamic- Iranian Cities

 Passive Defense

 Planning worn-out urban fabric

 Regeneration and revival of historical context

 Regional Planning

 Slum Settlements

 Urban Architecture

 Urban Design

 Urban Ecology

 Urban Economy

 Urban Geography

 Urban GIS

 Urban livability

 Urban Management

 Urban Planning

 Urban Scape

 Urban Sociology

 Urban Sustainability

 Urban Tourism

 Urban Transport