ISSN: 2717-4417

After preparing the files, authors should complete the information, and upload the relevant files and submit their manuscripts via the "Submit Article" tab. [At this stage, the authors are requested to introduce two expert reviewers for reviewing the article, but the journal decides about the proposed reviewers, and in any case, the name of the selected reviewer will not be disclosed to the authors].

Authors are requested to provide accurate and complete information about the article and personal information of the authors (if the article has more than one author, in addition to the corresponding author, other authors are recommended to create an account on the journal website to be able to track the status of the article). Article files (Manuscript and supplementary files) must be prepared exactly based on the journal instruction and be uploaded completely and accurately on the site. The manuscripts will not be sent for reviewers if they are not structured and written based on the journal instruction or if they have not been uploaded completely and accurately.

 Required files:

- Authors’ contact details

- Manuscript (without authors’ name)

- Letter to the Editor (Commitment and Agreement)

- Figure(s) (Optional)

- Table(s) (Optional)