ISSN: 2717-4417
Regional Planning
Analysis and Forecasting of the Integrated Spatial Structure in Mashhad Metropolitan Region in the Period 1996- 2041

Hashem Dadashpoor; Nariman Jahanzad; Homa Jalili

Volume 5, Issue 18 , May 2016, , Pages 51-62

  In the last few decades, city-regions have faced considerable changes. Mashhad metropolitan region as one of the most important development centres in the eastern region of Iran, has experienced great spatial changes which have brought about many spatial problems. This city alone has more than 75 percent ...  Read More

Analysis of Justice Distribution of Urban Services and the their Spatial Distribution Pattern in Hamadan Ciy

h d; f r; b a

Volume 3, Issue 12 , November 2014, , Pages 5-18

  The concept of justice is dependent on time and place and so far a definition for it has not been provided. Nevertheless, justice in urban planning is related with fair distribution of resources and public services in a city. Although the demand for distributive justice in urban planning is necessary, ...  Read More

Urban Ecology
Presenting Integrated Pattern of Land Use Allocation based on Ecological Potential Assessment in Noushahr County

h d; m r; a z

Volume 3, Issue 9 , February 2014, , Pages 31-44

  Land use planning and determination of developmental priorities based on regional conditions and characteristics are considered as one of the major aspects of planning on a regional scale. One approach in this field is the determination of land use types. The common point in all applied methods of ecological ...  Read More