ISSN: 2717-4417
Urban Sustainability
The role of environmental quality in the continuity of life in the residential complexes of Arak

Ali Asadi; saeed Salehi Marzijrani; Hassan sajadzadeh; hosein kalantari khalil abad

Volume 12, Issue 47 , June 2023, , Pages 19-32

  Highlights - In the residential buildings in the city of Arak, Iran, good construction quality was the first priority of the residents to achieve residential stability.- The cultural level and social homogeneity hold the residents’ second priority to achieve residential stability.- Causal conditions ...  Read More

Urban Planning
Identify and prioritize environmental quality indicators in coastal areas

Mojtaba Rafieian; golkou giahhchi

Volume 10, Issue 38 , May 2021, , Pages 3-16

  Highlights: Prioritization of Environmental quality indicators were done by structural equation modelling (SEM) method. Smart PLS software was used in order to analyzing data. Environmental quality indicators of coastal areas were investigated based on users’ opinions. Permeability is the most ...  Read More

Urban Planning
Investigation the relationship between physical urban environmental Quality and Citizen’s Perception of Stress (Case study: Isfahan City)

Seyed Reza Azadeh; Jamal Mohammadi; Hamid Taher Neshat Doost

Volume 10, Issue 37 , February 2021, , Pages 99-112

  Highlights Today cities serve as powerful forces in shaping the mental health of citizens. Treatment of mental disorders such as perceived stress requires an interdisciplinary approach. The relation between urban Planner and psychologists must be augmented in order to improve the variables of resident ...  Read More

Urban Architecture
Environmental quality affecting the livability of residential complexes(Case study: residential complex of Emam town, Shahid Chamran and Asemane Tabriz)

Parisa Hashempour; ziba sami

Volume 8, Issue 30 , May 2019, , Pages 55-68

  Housing is one of the most basic human needs. Failure in paying attention to multidimensional demands of human beings reduces the quality of life. Considering the various aspects of human needs, the study of environmental quality for the promotion of life has thus a profound impact on the livability ...  Read More

Urban Design
Measuring physical indices affecting the aesthetic component in the contemporary urban developments (Case Study: Site and Services Projects in Yazd)

Mahdi Montazerolhodjah; B N; mojtaba sharifnejad; Z F

Volume 8, Issue 29 , February 2019, , Pages 45-58

  Rapid sprawl of urban areas in Iranian cities in the last few decades was the result of two population growth factors: (1) natural increase in population, and (2) migration to urban areas. These conditions are aggravated during times of transition from a pre-industrial society to an industrial one. This ...  Read More

Urban Design
The evaluation of environmental quality factors on the Behavioral patterns in urban parks- Case study: Mardom park of Hamadan City

a l; ا س

Volume 3, Issue 11 , August 2014, , Pages 3-18

  Nowadays, a faster pace of changes and transformations in different phenomena such people's lifestyles has meant changes in their thinking and needs also. Since people’s lifestyles are more oriented toward isolation, it is more important to reflect at their lives collectively. People's need for ...  Read More