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The post-industrial revolution era is characterized by increasingly global urbanization with the resulting problem of the shortage of housing. In fact, housing has become not only one of the desperate needs but also an ever-growing concern of human being who has always been preoccupied with finding a solution to this issue. Maskan-e-Mehr is deemed to be the greatest national project in housing. Due to the wide scope and newness of the project, an evaluation of the results is necessary. Generally, housing satisfaction as one of the widely studied issues along with housing environments proves to be a part of the life satisfaction. As a matter of fact, satisfaction means the amount of individuals’ accessibil -ity to the intended objectives. The identification of the effective factors responsible for the satisfaction and dissatisfaction rate of the residents can be helpful both in the analysis of the existing living conditions and in the future decisions to improve the quality of the housing environments and to avoid the same defects in the future locations. This study can assist the policy-makers and planners in designing an effective architecture for Maskane-Mehr projects to meet the needs of the residents. The present article undertakes to evalu-ate the satisfaction level of the residents in Fatemieh site of Maskan-e-Mehr in Yazd city. Although the adopted methodology in this study is largely descriptive, the data collection includes documentary and survey carried out via distributing questionnaires and inter -viewing the residents. A formula-based sampling of 367 subjects residing in kokran was taken as the statistical sample which was, for the sake of more accuracy, raised to 400 sub -jects. To assess the extent of satisfaction of the Maskan-e-Mehr project, the questionnaire was divided into two parts. The first part dealt with the independent variables such as age, sex, marital status, education, income, occupation and a medium designed to investigate the variables on the level of perception of the satisfaction of residents. The second part was devoted to the dependent variable pertinent to the satisfaction of the Maskan-e-Mehr project. These variables include integrated facilities management and maintenance, light-ing, ventilation, landscape and views, arrangement, neighborhood relations, economic, environmental dimensions, transportation, accessibility and security. The analysis of the data has been done via the SPSS20 software. According to the descriptive results obtained from applying the Chi-Square test, there is a meaningful relation between independent variants such as gender, occupation, marital status on the one hand and the satisfaction level on the other hand. Based on Pearson Correlation Coefficient, the results show that there is a meaningful and direct relation between the age variable and that of satisfaction, whereas the education and the average income variables have a meaningful but indirect relation. The evaluative results of this research indicate that the overall satisfaction level of the residents of Fatemieh Condo is average. The residents of Fatemieh Condo are dis-satisfied with the economic condition of the condo while the neighboring residents are satisfied with criteria such as security, lighting, ventilation and the physical status of the complex. They, however, expressed an average satisfaction about the other study criteria. Taking into account the complex of Maskan-e-Mehr Fatemieh city of Yazd, it is possible to raise the level of satisfaction of the residents through provision of a range of facilities and reduction of the problems in their residential location. Finally, some solutions have been proposed for the improvement of the project, the facilities and the services for our case study.


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