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Assisstant proffessor of public low-islamic azad university, central branch


Islamic councils and municipalities are the main pillars of city administration in Iran. The importance and position of the Islamic Council of Cities as a policy-making body in the above laws has caused these councils to have significant effects on the processes and performance of urban management, and in other words, the performance of urban management is a function of the decisions and policies approved by this body, so it is necessary in order to harm This body should be evaluated for performance analysis and formulation of damage removal strategies, and naturally, the most effective tool for evaluating the performance of councils is their approvals. Based on this, the purpose of this research is to evaluate the approvals of the Islamic Council of Tehran in the fifth period and to analyze their contents quantitatively and qualitatively. This research is a type of content analysis research. The data required in this research has been collected by field and documentary methods. The most important reference for the required data is the comprehensive system of approvals of the Islamic Council of Tehran. The statistical population of this research consists of all the approvals of the fifth term council of Tehran city. The results of this research show that the Islamic Council of the fifth term of the city of Tehran, although it has achieved considerable success and growth in terms of quantitative indicators, but the examination of the content of the approvals shows the failure of this council in carrying out the missions assigned in the Law on Organizations, Duties and Powers of Councils. is islamic A major part of the performance of this term of the council is made up of approvals that practically do not have much effect on increasing the quality of urban life, and there is a significant gap between the needs of citizens and the content of the approvals of the Tehran City Council. Also, the main focus of the Council's approvals has been on municipal issues rather than urban issues. Based on this, the suggested solutions include the focus of the council on regulatory issues up to legislation, distancing from superficial and theoretical issues, and addressing the main problems of Tehran city, and evaluating the operationalization of the council's previous approvals.


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