ISSN: 2717-4417

Document Type : Research Paper


1 shahrood university of technology

2 Assistant professor, Faculty of architectural engineering and urbanism, Shahrood university of technology, Shahrood, Iran


The emergence of social housing as a necessity in urban planning systems, the problem of the present research is the quality of living in residential complexes and the premise of the research is the role of privacy in improving the quality of living. The aim of the research is to achieve a human and social structure in residential complexes by improving the quality of living. The explanation of the components and criteria of the quality of residence and privacy and how it is realized in the samples of the research - four residential complexes in Mashhad) are the questions of the research. Through random sampling in the statistical sample (345 people) and using an open questionnaire, field research was conducted and using spss analysis software, the results of the studies were presented using descriptive tests, mean, correlation, regression and path analysis. . The findings show that there is a significant relationship and correlation between the two variables of privacy and quality of residence, and only two variables of residence status and gender have a direct and positive effect on the variable of quality of residence. A single or concentrated type like the Venus complex has the highest quality of residence and privacy in general and among the components of the quality of residence (perceptual-emotional, physical-functional, social-activity) and privacy components (individual-social, moral-religious). , behavioral-functional). The habitat quality of the scattered species (Farhangian complex) and then the peripheral species (Pars complex) are respectively in favorable conditions. And in relation to the privacy variable, the environmental species (Pars) and then the scattered species (Farhangian) are in favorable conditions. Privacy and quality of living in residential complexes have a correlation and positive significance. Finally, the results of the research are presented in three areas of designing residential units, neighborhood units and residential complexes.


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