ISSN: 2717-4417

Document Type : Research Paper


1 University of Tehran

2 PhD student of Urban Planning, University of Tehran Expert of Budget Planning Department of Tehran Municipality

3 Faculty of Architecture, Islamic Azad University of Science and Research, Tehran


The facade of buildings, as one of the main components of the image and landscape of the city, has identity components. In recent years, the issue of the identity of Iranian cities and especially the impact of building facades on the identity of the city of Tehran has been in the focus of scientific and executive centers, and various laws, regulations and executive instructions have been established to organize the chaotic state of the facades of buildings, but there is still considerable confusion, especially in the facades of new buildings in Tehran. The purpose of this research is to Critically Review the laws and regulations affecting the facade of new buildings through the comparative assessment of the main identity-building components of the facade in the research literature on the one hand and the laws and regulations (official documents) of the country on the other hand and how they work, so as to how and why Reach the current situation and analyze its reasons. Also, in order to measure the effectiveness and realization of the components extracted from the documents, Hakimieh neighborhood located in the 4th district of Tehran municipality, which has the highest number of license issuance and apartment construction in recent years, was selected. Documentary data analysis using the content analysis method, determining the study sample size based on the Cochran formula and analyzing the data obtained from field observations and the elements that make up the facade identity of about 300 buildings less than two years old, located in the Hakimiye neighborhood of Tehran, regarding the realization and or the non-fulfillment of the components, using statistical methods and analysis of the texts extracted from the interviews in an interpretative way. The degree of fulfillment of the requirements and recommendations of the official documents in the field of facade components of model buildings in Hakimiye neighborhood is 58% and there are three factors: 1. Content and structural weakness of documents, 2. Lack of sufficient executive authority and guarantee, and 3. Weakness in monitoring and deterrent policies. , in the order of the most to the least important, has been the reason for the non-compliance or reduction of the realization of the identity building components of the facade of the buildings from the point of view of official documents.


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