ISSN: 2717-4417

Document Type : Research Paper


1 faculty of architecture and urbanism, Shahid Beheshti University

2 Department of Architecture, faculty of architecture and urbanism, Shahid Beheshti University

3 Department of Planning and Designing Biological Complex, Faculty Of Architecture and Urbanism, Shahid beshti University


Architecture and urbanism are related to the environment; The environment is the container of individual and collective experiences of people and forms the memory. Memory studies is a growing field of research that focuses on a wide range of disciplines such as social sciences, humanities, landscape studies, and architecture and urbanism. There have been researches in Iran and the world regarding memory in man-made environments and each of them has looked at the issue from a different perspective. This article aims to analyze and interpret what has been published so far in Iran, and to prevent repetition in this field and to find existing research gaps, it has analyzed the qualitative studies. This research is a systematic review of previous studies and 38 articles and 4 Ph.D theses in the country, where memory was their main topic, were selected and analyzed based on the shape of the Prisma. By studying their structure and content, it has been achieved to outline the current perspective of memory research. The results show the growing volume of memory studies focusing on collective memory. Repetition of the content of memory research, very little attention to special users of the environment such as children, elderly, etc., the focus of a large number of studies on the city of Tehran, the lack of examination of memory in different age periods of humans and the lack of attention to the individual memory of people from Special places such as childhood places are among the problems of studies in this field. Among the frequent categories combined with memory, we can mention identity, belonging to a place, attachment to a place, and revival and reconstruction. Also, the largest number of studies have focused on memory in urban public spaces and urban squares.


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