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Outward-oriented architecture has a short history in Iran and the history of establishment of outward-oriented buildings placed next to one another in the margin of a phenomenon called street is even shorter. Urban facades are considered as the most influential elements affecting the quality of urban spaces, the modification of which can enhance the aesthetic qualities of the city. In recent decades, developments whether in materials, variety of styles or acceleration in construction have resulted in addressing the issue of façade and reorganization of urban facades. A review into the objectives of the study shows that the urban landscape aesthetic and environmental goals are essential in realizing the desired landscape. Therefore, urban facades as an example of urban micro perspective are not an exception to this rule. The goal of the present research is to address special characteristics of Qeshm city with an emphasis on aesthetical and ecological dimensions and identifying effective factors in the design of urban facades in Vali-e Asr Street in Qeshm as the most prominent street of that city. Looking at the landscape and urban facades of Qeshm Island as well as other cities and metropolises which meet the functional characteristics at national and international levels, it is evident that these urban facades are not in good aesthetical and ecological conditions. This emphasizes the importance and necessity of the present research. It should be noted that method used in the aforesaid research is an analytical-applied one. A surveying method was used in field studies. Data collection was based on field observations and a questionnaire survey of experts and users examining data dispersion indices of the data under study. The questionnaires were randomly (with an in-depth interview) distributed among different segments of the island at different hours. Finally, the obtained data was analyzed using SPSS-20 software. Findings regarding the the viewpoints of people and experts of the aesthetical dimension are presented. The index includes the following criteria as evaluation priorities in aesthetic (façade) beauty: proportions, cleanliness, balance and order in aesthetical dimension and attachment to place, meaningfulness, serenity, legibility and mental attraction in subjective dimension. From an ecological view, indices such as material resistance against moisture, green space to provide heat comfort, resistant materials against heat and green and oxygen generator walls are priorities in the design of urban facades according to experts. In conclusion, understanding priorities in the aesthetical and ecological points of view, a desirable urban perspective can be created. It can be stated in a general survey that it is important to address ecological and aesthetical dimensions in the design of urban facades.


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