ISSN: 2717-4417
Urban Management
Critical Review of Rules and Regulations Affecting the Facades of New Buildings (Case Study: Hakimieh Neighborhood in Tehran)

Behnaz Aminzadeh; SeyedHadi Hosseini; Seyed Reza Mousavipour

Volume 13, Issue 49 , February 2024, , Pages 47-64

  Highlights Several laws and regulations have been implemented to bring order to the disorderly appearance of new buildings in Tehran; however, a significant level of confusion persists. The compliance level with the official document requirements pertaining to the facade components of buildings in ...  Read More

Urban Design
From Process review to product realization: towards a gradual approach to the urban design process

Farshad Nourian; Behnaz Aminzadeh; Mazyar Abaee

Volume 10, Issue 40 , November 2021, , Pages 3-14

  Highlights The urban design process has a vital role in the implemented result of urban design projects.  Bridging the theory-practice in urban design needs a combination of the implementation phase in the design process. The gradual approach to the urban design process deals with a step-by-step ...  Read More

Urban Management
Analysis of factors affecting the general tolerability of traffic pricing schemes: the case of Tehran (2018-19)

sara vosoughi; Behnaz Aminzadeh

Volume 10, Issue 37 , February 2021, , Pages 17-30

    Highlights: Justice, trust, effectiveness, intrusiveness, complexity, and revenue allocation are critical factors in the public acceptability of the Tehran congestion pricing scheme. Lack of trust and justice are the most important variables that reduce the public acceptability of the Tehran congestion ...  Read More

Slum Settlements
Analyzing the impacts of social sustainability on the perception of tenure security in informal settlements: the case study of Koshtargah neighborhood in Urmia

bahman ahmadi

Volume 5, Issue 20 , November 2016, , Pages 29-42

  Tenure security is a fundamental right of households lack of which leads to economic, social, psychological and political problems; thus, tenure insecurity has become a deprivation index in informal settlements. In recent years, special attention has been given to tenure security in improving informal ...  Read More