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Urban Design
Effective criteria on the formation of women’s image from favorable urban space (Case study: Tehran City)

Azin Hajiahmadi Hamedani; h m; l j

Volume 7, Issue 28 , November 2018, , Pages 3-16

  Evaluation of every environment’s image is not just the result of impressions made by its external attributes on the mind of the observer. It is, however, created by the imagination of the observer. A city is lodged by a wide variety of people whose evaluation of the images they form in their mind ...  Read More

Urban Transport
Analyzing the role of gender in the pattern of urban commuting (the case study of Zanjan)

shahrzad moghadam; zohre fani; mohamad taghi razaviyan

Volume 7, Issue 28 , November 2018, , Pages 91-100

  Nowadays, the cities are rapidly transforming due to such reasons as the spatial structure, economic and social relations. Therefore, they need new approaches in urban management. Urban spaces are physical manifestation of citizens’ social needs and provide the necessary groundwork for access and ...  Read More

Urban Design
Recognition of Environmental attributes contributing to women’s’ Security in Urban Spaces (Case Study: Makhsus and Salamat Neighborhoods, Tehran’s 11th Region)
Volume 6, Issue 21 , February 2016, , Pages 77-91

  Security is a basic and fundamental human need rights. In other words, security is the essence of survival and the basis of the collective life and the establishment of small communities and cities. It is so significant that Islam clearly stressed its importance. In addition, security has two important ...  Read More

Urban Design
Evaluation criteria affecting the activity of women in urban areas, Case study: 20th Golestan Dist, poonak, Tehran

. .

Volume 4, Issue 14 , May 2015, , Pages 47-60

  The main objectives of urban designers is the creation of responsible urban space for all social groups by understanding the qualities and spatial needs in the city to operate in such a way as to promote environmental quality and create a suitable base for urban life. The basic function of the city lies ...  Read More