ISSN: 2717-4417
Regional Planning
Evaluation and analysis of housing sector in national and regional economic sections Case study of: National and provincial plans in years 2001 and 2011

amirhosein abdollahzadeh; esfandiar zebardast

Volume 6, Issue 24 , November 2017, , Pages 95-108

  There are two main approaches to housing planning on national or regional scales: first, comprehensive housing plans and, second, subject-specific housing plans. Comprehensive housing plans bear a significant flaw: their lack of economic evaluation, which only comes at the end of the planning process. ...  Read More

Urban Management
A comparative study of Iran’s Planning Structure and Management of Urban Collections with Metropolitan regions such as Sydney and Toronto

M H; N S

Volume 3, Issue 12 , November 2014, , Pages 73-86

  Two decades after the Urban Collection Bill being passed in Iran, there are still some profound doubts both in theory and in administrative-organizational dimension. Many studies have been conducted in this field and even a great deal of experience in urban planning has as yet to make authorities achieve ...  Read More