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Urban Design
The comparison of public perception and preference between regular-geometrical and natural-organic urban parks ( Case study: Laleh park and Daneshjoo park)

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Volume 4, Issue 13 , February 2015, Pages 5-16

  Apart from providing homes for native wildlife, parks have many values. The last few decades of the 20th century have seen a rapid change in approaches towards nature in the urban environment, which reflects more familiarity with nature amongst the general public and landscape professionals. Benefits ...  Read More

Urban Transport
Assessment and comparison of two policies: pedestrianization and walkability in CBDs (Case Study: Hamedan CBD)

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Volume 4, Issue 13 , February 2015, Pages 17-32

  Nowadays physical expansion of cities has led to citizens` dependency on private and public vehicles for moving in cities to meet their needs, which is more obvious in larger cities. This issue of major urban areas being seen as specializing in providing goods and services has resulted in land use segregation ...  Read More

Urban Scape
A Comparative Analysis of Sanandaj Urban Area Examples, using Isovist and Visibility Graph Analysis

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Volume 4, Issue 13 , February 2015, Pages 33-42

  Isovist and Visibility Graph analysis tools are used to quantify and measure the quality of space, and despite their lack of maturity and evolution, they are considered to be the future of space analysis tools by researchers. This study was undertaken with the purpose of introducing the aforementioned ...  Read More

Urban Design
The effect of Sensescape criteria in quality of Equipped Community Spine (Case study: Isfahan, Aligholiagha spine)

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Volume 4, Issue 13 , February 2015, Pages 43-56

  City and Urban Environments in addition to visual effects have other significant features that can stimulate the senses, excite feelings and form memories. In the past, qualities from sensory stimulants like the smell of fresh bread, spices and aromas, the sound of wagon wheels and rataplan of horses’ ...  Read More

Urban Planning
An Analysis of the Indices of E-Citizen from the Perspective of Citizens in Tabriz City

rasoul Babanasab; asghar zarrabi

Volume 4, Issue 13 , February 2015, Pages 57-70

  Objectives In recent decades, a concept that has been comprehensively investigated is the concept of E-city. In a lot of developed countries and societies, E-city has been successfully implemented and recently the global approach is towards constructing E-societies. Nowadays, societies that have rapid ...  Read More

Urban Planning
Analysis of Spatial – Physical Structure of Zanjan City Center Area with Strategic Thinking Approach

shahram mohamadi

Volume 4, Issue 13 , February 2015, Pages 71-82

  Cities are the pinnacle of human civilization and urban centers are the heart of cities. Urban centers are special areas within cities which have witnessed historical trend of upheavals and are a result of a profound connection between the territory and its inhabitants, a connection which reflects the ...  Read More

Urban Management
Evaluation of Mehr Housing Policies in Iran and Presentation of Solutions for their Improvement

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Volume 4, Issue 13 , February 2015, Pages 83-92

  Housing is a basic need and a major problem for most countries, especially in countries with rapidly growing urbanization like Iran. This factor along with the lack of a comprehensive housing plan and deficiencies in economic management have brought housing to the forefront of planning issues in this ...  Read More