ISSN: 2717-4417
Urban Architecture
Evaluating the effect of place scale on the extent of place attachment in three spatial layers of home, neighborhood and city based on age and sex variables (Case study: Tehran and Sary cities)
Volume 7, Issue 26 , May 2018, Pages 3-16

  Place attachment is a type of emotional connection developed between an individual and a specific location which could happen in different times and places.  People could feel different levels of attachment to their homes, neighborhoods or cities. This feeling could have different levels of intensity ...  Read More

Regional Planning
Tourism Strategic planning of Kurdistan province based on the regional competitiveness using meta-swot technique

nemat shakarami

Volume 7, Issue 26 , May 2018, Pages 17-30

  Globalization has basically transformed the world into a competitive market in which most companies seek to choose the appropriate economic policies and identify effective strategies to meet the emerging competitive environment, and the new challenges posed in this global competitive environment. In ...  Read More

Urban Scape
Analyzing the visibility of high-rise buildings in the urban landscapes using GIS (Case study of Sanandaj city)

Mohammad Azad Ahmadi; Mehrdad Karimi Moshaver

Volume 7, Issue 26 , May 2018, Pages 31-42

  Today, the issue of visibility assessment and visual impact (dominance) of a building on its surrounding context is considered as one of the most important issues of urban landscape. Accordingly, this paper analyzes the visibility of two high-rise buildings in the center and west of Sanandaj using raw ...  Read More

Urban Sustainability
The Effect of Sociability of Public Places on Social Sustainability in Residential Complexes (case study: Mehr Residential Complex's in Ardabil)

Islam Karami; parisa mohamadhoseini

Volume 7, Issue 26 , May 2018, Pages 43-56

  Mehr housing developments typify the problem of increasing building density in modern urbanism, a state of affairs with manifold repercussions. The Mehr housing complexes in Ardabil consist stereotypically of apartment buildings tightly jammed together, without regard to every environmental and human ...  Read More

Slum Settlements
The effect of Spatial Configuration on the Sociability of Informal Settlements: (Case study of Hesar and Dizaj Neighborhoods in Hamedan)

Saeid Alitajer; Pooria Saadativaghar; Mohammad Bashir Robati; Ahmad Heydari

Volume 7, Issue 26 , May 2018, Pages 57-72

  In recent years, for reasons such as population growth, increased rural migration, and the migrants’ financial inability to afford housing, the host cities are facing the problem of illegal settlements that are built densely without observing the principles of construction. These are usually known ...  Read More

Urban Planning
Evaluation of land use efficiency in City Centers (Case Study: Shiraz)

Rasoul Farjam

Volume 7, Issue 26 , May 2018, Pages 73-88

  Physical urban growth has had different social, economical and physical outcomes. From the perspective of social effects, urban population displacement and mobility could be the most important outcome. Physical dimension of rapid urban development can be defined in terms of urban sprawl, spatial fragmentation, ...  Read More

Slum Settlements
Evaluation the level of sustainability in informal neighborhoods by using ecological footprint model (The case of Abas-abad neighborhood, Sanandaj)

Kioumars Habibi; arman rahimi

Volume 7, Issue 26 , May 2018, Pages 89-98

  One area of unsustainable urban development, especially in developing countries living with acute problems, is the so-called informal settlements which requires adopting special measures to regulate their current situation and prevent their spread in the future. With the introduction of sustainable urban ...  Read More

Urban Planning
Investigating the Healthy House in the Cities (Case Study of Ardabil City)

h k; m j

Volume 7, Issue 26 , May 2018, Pages 99-111

  Statement of the problemIn the present age, health describes a comprehensive concept of quality of life. One of the important health issues is healthy housing. As an area where people spend a significant part of their lives, housing plays an important role in providing people with peace and well-being. ...  Read More