ISSN: 2717-4417
Urban Planning
Constructivist Grounded Theory Method Application in Urban and Regional Planning Researches

pouya Joudi

Volume 9, Issue 34 , May 2020, Pages 3-16

  How does the framework of the planning research process define the elements of the ontology, epistemology, methodology, and methods continuum to employ a constructivist grounded theory method? This paper aimed to provide a rationale for use of such a method for urban and regional planning research. Embedded ...  Read More

Urban Design
Comparing the Effective Factors on the Sense of Place in Old and New neighborhoods in Ardabil

Tohid Hatami Khanghahi; Vahid Vaziri; Bahareh Salmanian; Negin Tajaddini

Volume 9, Issue 34 , May 2020, Pages 17-28

  Objectives. The sense of place is directly related to people’s levels of satisfaction with and continued presence in a neighborhood. Insufficient understanding of the factors effective on the sense and differences and similarities between the effective factors reduces the residents’ unity, ...  Read More

Urban Architecture
Assessing the environmental and physical factors on youth presence in urban passes (Case Study: Afif Abad Street in Shiraz City)

Ali Mosallanejad; Khosro Movahed; hadi keshmiri

Volume 9, Issue 34 , May 2020, Pages 29-44

       Urban passages are one of the most important urban spaces that have long been the main focus of citizens’ social attendance, particularly the youth. Young people can increase the dynamism and vitality of these spaces with their purposeful attendance. It is of great significance ...  Read More

Urban Architecture
Relationship between Perceived Density, Sense of Safety and Social Interactions in Gated and Non-gated Communities


Volume 9, Issue 34 , May 2020, Pages 45-60

  Adoption of strategies such as compact city design and urban intensification are claimed to positively affect the levels of social sustainability within the city. The sense of safety and social interactions within neighborhoods are also important factors affecting residents’ quality of life and ...  Read More

Urban Architecture
Meta-analysis of environmental vitality factors in open spaces

mehrdad shahbazi; mansour yeganeh; M Bamanian

Volume 9, Issue 34 , May 2020, Pages 61-76

  Open spaces play a vital role in enhancement of the quality of any environment or space. Human biological conditions can be improved through an increase in the quality of space, which can be achieved when individuals’ everyday psychological needs as well as the functional, environmental, and aesthetic ...  Read More

Urban Ecology
Modeling the Effect of Street Orientation on the Air Pollution Dispersion (District Six of Tehran Municipality)

Mostafa Karimi; Samaneh Khosnavaz; Aliakbar Shamsipour; Masoumeh Moghbel

Volume 9, Issue 34 , May 2020, Pages 77-90

  Today, urban development and air pollution are the most important issues concerning urban climate that can affect the quality of urban life. Despite the significant progress made in the fuel and engine technology, emission of pollutants in urban environments is still prevalent. As in many other countries, ...  Read More

Urban Planning
Analyzing Conflict of Interest in Large-Scale Participatory Projects with Emphasis on the "Public Private People Partnership" Model (4P) (Case Study: Isfahan Jahannema Citadel Project)

Elham Ghasemi; Mojtaba Rafieian

Volume 9, Issue 34 , May 2020, Pages 90-104

  Urban development is aimed at meeting public interest, but it sometimes leads to conflicts between the goals and accepted results of different groups and contributors. The significance of managing these conflicts as a methodological, practical approach is highlighted by the background of its impacts. ...  Read More

Urban Planning
Typology of method of zoning and determining of building density in city comprehensive plans in I.R.Iran

Mohammad Masoud; Shirzad Yazdani; Mostafa Behzadfar

Volume 9, Issue 34 , May 2020, Pages 105-118

  Iran’s urban planning system has undergone many changes in recent decades. An issue that has had a significant impact on the development of Iranian cities has been that of building density in urban development plans. In order to address the issue, the present article was aimed at specifying the ...  Read More

Urban Sustainability
Investigation of Thermal Effect of Plants in Urban Spaces by PMV Model (Case Study of Ozgol neighborhood of Tehran)

seyed majid mofidi shemirani; seyedeh maryam hoseini; haniyeh sanayeiyan; gholamreza japalaghi

Volume 9, Issue 34 , May 2020, Pages 119-130

  Throughout the past century, cities have lost their vital connection with the nature due to the fundamental changes in their functions and physical forms. The development of urbanization and attachment of villages to metropolises in recent years have led to destruction of vegetation in these regions. ...  Read More

Urban Planning
Feasibility of developing a pedestrian network in the central tissue of Shahrekord

hossein mosharaf dehkordi; esmail shieh

Volume 9, Issue 34 , May 2020, Pages 131-142

  Nowadays, it is one of the most important urban development strategies to increase the quality of the environment with the pedestrian approach. Pedestrian networks play an important role in urban regeneration by increasing social and cultural interaction. Sidewalks, which connect people to the environment, ...  Read More