ISSN: 2717-4417
Urban Design
Tourist wayfinding tools with different levels of familiarity with the environment

toktam hanaee; Sanaz saeedi; shima abedi

Volume 9, Issue 36 , November 2020, Pages 3-12

  Familiarity with the destination environment plays an important role in tourism, and the more frequent tourists’ visits to the area, the greater their knowledge of the environment and, consequently, the easier for them to navigate around the place. Those unfamiliar with the environment should make ...  Read More

Urban Planning
Typology of Foreign Tourists in Tehran’s Grand Bazaar Using Two-step Cluster Analysis: an Approach to Urban Planning

mohammad ghaffari; mohammad nematpour

Volume 9, Issue 36 , November 2020, Pages 13-26

  Market segmentation is a prerequisite of tourism planning success. Tourist segmentation based on psychological variables is in turn one of the most important, most operational methods in tourism market segmentation. Therefore, the purpose of this descriptive-analytical applied study was to segment the ...  Read More

Urban GIS
Flood hazard mapping in Sanandaj using combined models of statistical index and evidential belief function

Mahnaz Azadtalab; Himan Shahabi; Ataollah Shirzadi; Kamran Chapi

Volume 9, Issue 36 , November 2020, Pages 27-40

  The flood is the second natural disaster in terms of the damage that it causes to human societies every year. At the same time, cities and population centers are exposed to the highest risk and potential for physical damage caused by flood events. The growing trend of floods in Iran in recent years indicates ...  Read More

Urban Planning
Modeling Urban Land Use Allocation using Spatial Justice Approach Based on the Multi-Objective Optimization Methods

parvaneh jalerajabi; reza ahmadian; Zahra sadat saiedeh Zarabadi

Volume 9, Issue 36 , November 2020, Pages 41-54

  This research was conducted mainly to provide a method based on artificial intelligence algorithms in order to obtain optimal urban land use allocation, subjected to mathematical modeling from the perspective of spatial justice using multi-criteria decision analysis concepts, both parcel-based and floor-based. ...  Read More

Urban Management
Evaluating the effects of health components on Choosing the Optimal rental Housing among Citizens of Shiraz

Malihe Taghipour; aliakbar heidari; maryam haghayegh

Volume 9, Issue 36 , November 2020, Pages 55-68

  The rapid population growth and transformation of apartments into the dominant form of urban residence have created new health issues in human life. The consequences, threatening residents’ health, include increase in vitamin D deficiency, overweight, decrease in physical health, social isolation ...  Read More

Urban Management
Analysis of Institutional resilience structure for transition from crisis management to urban management resilience against earthquake (Case Study: Qazvin City)

Daryoush Ardalan; zohreh davoudpour; Keramatollah Ziari

Volume 9, Issue 36 , November 2020, Pages 69-84

  The high rates of financial and human loss in natural disasters (particularly in recent decades) have led various countries and organizations to seek effective theories in that regard. Since 2005 (the Hugo Summit), the issue of resilience has been pursued seriously, addressing the idea of empowering ...  Read More

Urban Economy
Assessing the behavioral pattern of tourism supply and demand Based on the Changes of the Capitalist System (Case: Karaj City and Surrounding Villages)

mehdi Mododi Arkhudi; sajad ferdowsi

Volume 9, Issue 36 , November 2020, Pages 85-100

  Planning for development of tourism always requires concern for supply and demand. At the same time, tourism marketing relies particularly on knowledge of the characteristics of supply and demand. The significance of the present study could be explained by the issue of the changing world and its effects ...  Read More

Urban Sustainability
Dimensions and Indicators of the Happy City in Mashhad’s Neighborhoods (Case Studies: Tabarsee Fareq Altahsilan Neighborhoods)

Farshad Noorian; reza ghazi; seyed sajad abdullahpur

Volume 9, Issue 36 , November 2020, Pages 101-116

  Concern for happiness and its strategic dimensions plays a key role in provision of desirable environment quality in urban neighborhoods, ignorance of which is an issue with which cities, metropolises such as Mashhad, Iran in particular, are faced as a requirement for man to achieve sustainable urban ...  Read More

Urban Planning
Assessing the adaptation of urban spaces for persons with disabilities in Ardabil

Arastoo Yari hesar; samira saeidi zarangi; zhila Farzane sadat zaranji; Hadi eskandarieynadin

Volume 9, Issue 36 , November 2020, Pages 117-132

  Individuals’ characteristics and those of age, sex, and social groups should help provide a safe, healthy, sustainable, and attractive environment that can properly respond to the different needs of all groups in the community. The population of the disabled, including people with physical and ...  Read More

Urban Planning
Evaluating the Quality of Urban Development Plans in Mid-sized and Large Cities in Iran

Mohammad Mahdi Ghajar Khosravi; Gholam Reza Haghighat Naeeni

Volume 9, Issue 36 , November 2020, Pages 133-145

  The position and importance of urban development plans and their evaluation through various methods remains a significant issue in theoretical and practical areas. Plan quality evaluation is known as an emerging methodology for examination of whether a plan holds certain desirable features, and is aimed ...  Read More