ISSN: 2717-4417
Urban Architecture
Investigating the Components affecting Sociability in Residential Complexes using privacy-preserving approach (Case Study: sheshsad Dastgah Residential Complex in Mashhad)

sahar borhanifar; Mohammad Ebrahim Mazhari; Vida Taghvaei; behzad vasigh; Reza Ashrafzadeh

Volume 10, Issue 38 , May 2021, , Pages 91-106

  Highlights This study examines the relationship between privacy and interactions together. The results show that the two criteria of border and territory, and interpersonal distances, have the greatest impact on social interactions and the criterion of audio-visual privacy has the least impact on social ...  Read More

Regional Planning
Evaluation and analysis of housing sector in national and regional economic sections Case study of: National and provincial plans in years 2001 and 2011

amirhosein abdollahzadeh; esfandiar zebardast

Volume 6, Issue 24 , November 2017, , Pages 95-108

  There are two main approaches to housing planning on national or regional scales: first, comprehensive housing plans and, second, subject-specific housing plans. Comprehensive housing plans bear a significant flaw: their lack of economic evaluation, which only comes at the end of the planning process. ...  Read More

Urban Planning
The comparative assessment of housing indicators changes in Marivan with urban areas of Kurdistan province & Iran

Keramattolah ziari; mahsa haji; asad moradi

Volume 4, Issue 15 , August 2015, , Pages 37-52

  Although the rate of urbanization in developed countries remains in a suitable position  and is under control, the continued rapid growth of urbanization in developing countries (such as Iran) is quite evident. This issue of providing shelter and adequate housing in the country has turned into a ...  Read More