ISSN: 2717-4417
Urban Design
Identifying factors affecting happiness in urban public space (Case Study: Pedestrian Zone of Historic Part of Tehran)

Sahar Samavati; Ehsan Ranjbar

Volume 8, Issue 29 , February 2019, Pages 3-18

  The topic of happiness has attracted the attention of urban experts in the last decade. Cities such as Copenhagen and Bogotá are creating literature based on their experiences in this area. The quality of the city and urban spaces is a significant factor affecting happiness. The amount of happiness ...  Read More

Urban Management
Analysis of inter-institutional relationships in managing sustainable urban regeneration of blight areas (Case study: the city of Ahvaz)

mohammad ali firozi; saeed amanpour; Javad Zarei

Volume 8, Issue 29 , February 2019, Pages 19-30

  Institutional collaboration in urban management is the result of activities between urban organizations that contribute to collective action and have characteristics of trust, cooperation, participation, interaction, facility, and integrity. Therefore, it reflects the formation of the role of urban renewal ...  Read More

Urban Planning
Identifying effective factors in building pedestrians using path analysis method (Case Study: the city of Sareyn)

MH Y; A P; Maryam Jami

Volume 8, Issue 29 , February 2019, Pages 31-44

  Objectives Today, walking is one of the missing links in urban life. Thus, it is required to review the form and structure of today’s streets, which is a great concern for the urban experts and citizens. Therefore, it is crucial to consider urban pedestrians and find solutions to promote urban ...  Read More

Urban Design
Measuring physical indices affecting the aesthetic component in the contemporary urban developments (Case Study: Site and Services Projects in Yazd)

Mahdi Montazerolhodjah; B N; mojtaba sharifnejad; Z F

Volume 8, Issue 29 , February 2019, Pages 45-58

  Rapid sprawl of urban areas in Iranian cities in the last few decades was the result of two population growth factors: (1) natural increase in population, and (2) migration to urban areas. These conditions are aggravated during times of transition from a pre-industrial society to an industrial one. This ...  Read More

Urban Planning
An analysis of spatial strategic planning of housing policies using the Meta-SWOT model (Case Study: the city of Kermanshah)

A M; zeinab shahrokhy; hossein tahmasebi moghadam

Volume 8, Issue 29 , February 2019, Pages 59-70

  Introduction     Housing, as the environment in which the family has formed and developed, plays an important role in many aspects of human life. However, millions of people live in cities without the security of enjoying the proper ownership of housing and related services. With ...  Read More

Urban Design
Towards a conceptual framework of place name and message reader in association with its nature and capacity, Case Study: the city of Ardabil

Firouz Armoun; seyyed yahya KH; E K

Volume 8, Issue 29 , February 2019, Pages 71-84

  Place names, as identity roots of those places, are able to convey the nature and flavor of the place and space through reconsidering its connection with the contextual and temporal needs. As soon as the name is heard, an image of its wholeness and figure is shaped in our mind. The connection between ...  Read More

Urban GIS
Analyzing the spatiality and temporality of social patterns of women’s everyday activities in Sang-e-Ladge neighborhood, Tehran

siamak ghazipour

Volume 8, Issue 29 , February 2019, Pages 85-98

  This article investigates the social patterns of women’s everyday movements in Sang-e-Ladge neighborhood (Tehran) in a week time span using representational and analytical methods in the “Time-Geography” theory. The main aim was to analyze the ways in which female residents use local ...  Read More

Urban Design
Comparative analysis of the Role of Environmental-Physical Factors on the Level of Social Health in Two Traditional and New Neighborhoods, Case Study: Mulla Sadra and Dardasht Districts of Isfahan

F R; B Z

Volume 8, Issue 29 , February 2019, Pages 99-110

  Nowadays people’s health (physical, mental and social) is one of the main dilemmas of societies living in metropolitan areas. In this regard, urban design, as one of the influential disciplines among many others, seeks to find solutions to help solving these dilemmas by focusing on the physical ...  Read More

Urban Design
Some lessons from Children participation in the design process of child-friendly urban spaces (Case study: the city of Sade Lenjan)

m h; sh e; enayat alah mohaghegh nasab

Volume 8, Issue 29 , February 2019, Pages 111-120

  At the present time, children’s rights and their participation in urbanism have found a special place in the world’s urbanism experiences. This approach allows children to influence and contribute to the planning and design of their environment. Since creating urban spaces in participatory ...  Read More