ISSN: 2717-4417
Urban Design
The Function of Hosseiniyehs' Architecture as Urban open space Using Path pattern in the Hosseiniyeh of Nain

Mahya Ghouchani; Mohammad Taji

Volume 8, Issue 32 , November 2019, Pages 3-18

  The husseiniye is a religious place in Shia Islam, where the mourning ceremony of Imam Hussein (PBUH) and the martyrs of the Battle of Karbala is mainly held. Apparently, the husseiniye has come into existence as an extension of the structures of the mosque and religious places such as the zaviye and ...  Read More

Urban Transport
Analyzing the citizens' expectations from the urban train using, KANO model and Fuzzy MCDM, Case Study: Citizens of Isfahan City

sayyed mohammad reza davoodi; masood ataee gharacheh; masoud mokhtari karchegani; Farhad javanmard

Volume 8, Issue 32 , November 2019, Pages 19-32

  An increase in the use of public transport offers one of the most convenient strategies for alleviation of the problems resulting from the excessive use of the private car (congestion, pollution, noise, etc.) in most urban areas. Rail transport systems provide a sustainable transport model in cities, ...  Read More

Urban Design
The Effects of Spatial Configuration on Social Segregation in Old city of Golestan, Sabzevar

Mozhgan Jafari; Bahram Siavashpuor; Abasalt Askari

Volume 8, Issue 32 , November 2019, Pages 33-46

  Plenty of research has been conducted worldwide on the notion of segregation and the factors effective on it. Globalization, economic crises, rise and fall of governments, and failure to invest in the housing sector are some of the major factors that have made segregation severer in cities. The current ...  Read More

Urban Architecture
Reflection of semiotics ideas in the process of moving from space to place in the historical Complex of Qazvin Saad-al-saltaneh

noushin sekhavat doust; Fariba Alborzi

Volume 8, Issue 32 , November 2019, Pages 47-64

  It is already inevitable to address the issue of meaning and to discover the deep semantic layers in social, cultural, and artistic areas and also in architecture. The observation that this has not been the case in regard to urban spaces and architecture has put an emphasis on the requirement for use ...  Read More

Urban Architecture
The role of physical characteristics in predicting Rasht’s residential complex residents’ psychological and social indicators

Fatemeh Hanifeh; Hojjatollah Rashid kolvir; Abbas Abolghasemi; Hassan Akbari; Kasegar Mohammadi Shoaib

Volume 8, Issue 32 , November 2019, Pages 65-76

  The environment and space are two basic platforms for supporting multidimensional human needs. Hence, the dwelling, where architecture, society, and culture are closely interrelated, has a significant behavioral effect on the residents’ spirits and social interactions at different levels. The impact ...  Read More

Urban Ecology
Evaluating the environmental impacts of educational land uses using the ecological footprint model in the University of Kurdistan

Hooshmand Alizadeh; Werya Lotfi; Salah Vaisi

Volume 8, Issue 32 , November 2019, Pages 77-88

  Man’s unsustainable use of environmental resources needs to be tackled from different perspectives and at multiple levels of land use. Ecological Footprint (EF) is a renewable resource accounting tool that assesses the environmental impacts of urban land uses, and measures the impact of human activities ...  Read More

Urban Design
An inquiry into Qualitative norms of place perception in the experience of urban space revitalization in Emamzadeh Saleh, Tajrish, Tehran

Azam Karimi Yazdi; Naser Barati; majid zarei

Volume 8, Issue 32 , November 2019, Pages 89-104

  The urban space is the setting for embodiment of public life and social discourse in a context involving the components of responsibility for place quality. Consideration of place quality as perceived by the users of an urban space at the same level as place components as assumed by the urban designers ...  Read More

Regional Planning
Spatial Realization of Fars province vision based on the causality of uncertainties

Farshad Noorian; Hamidreza Bahmanpour Khalesi

Volume 8, Issue 32 , November 2019, Pages 105-116

  An investigation of the documents on regional development in Fars Province, Iran shows that there is such a wide gap between the ideals mentioned in the plans and their potentials for realization that it has turned into a big challenge how to realize the spatial prospects of the development plans in ...  Read More

Urban Ecology
Evaluation of the noise pollution caused by urban traffic and its effect on the level of anxiety of citizens in the city of Sanandaj

shler katorani

Volume 8, Issue 32 , November 2019, Pages 117-127

  Environmental pollution has attracted greater attention than ever before in the past three decades. On the other hand, noise pollution in cities is a global issue in most countries, considered today as one of the most important environmental problems. Noise pollution level is rising for various reasons ...  Read More