ISSN: 2717-4417
Urban Planning
livability analysis in neighborhoods of the central part of Borujerd city

taher parizadi; mahdi moradi; masoumeh saki

Volume 8, Issue 31 , August 2019, Pages 3-16

  Modern cities have turned into the main places for people to work and live in; therefore, they are confronted with many challenges from social, economic, environmental, and managerial aspects. The rapid growth of population, urban population in particular, and extensive immigration from the village to ...  Read More

Urban Planning
Investigating the Causes of building breach in the Third district of Yazd

Najma Esmailpoor; Zahra Heravi; Elham Heidari Hamane

Volume 8, Issue 31 , August 2019, Pages 17-30

  The growing trend in illegal construction of residential buildings is a problem that has impacted the urban planning and management system in Iran in the past few decades. Violation of urban planning and technical regulations is a fact that has existed long. Despite the penalties that have been considered ...  Read More

Urban Management
Improving the Quality of Residential Neighborhoods using Urban Acupuncture Approach in Tajrish Neighborhood

javad mahdianpoor; mohammad taghavi zavareh; hamidreza saremi

Volume 8, Issue 31 , August 2019, Pages 31-44

  Urban development, population growth, and intensified urbanization have led to a variety of issues such as physical distress and decay in most cities around the world. Besides triggering physical effects, this has imposed plenty of economic and social consequences on residential neighborhoods. Therefore, ...  Read More

Urban Planning
The dichotomy Formal and informal Sectors: the Reality of the Planning in the distressed areas

mohammadreza pourjafar; faramarz rostami

Volume 8, Issue 31 , August 2019, Pages 45-60

  Although the planning system has made plenty of theoretical and practical efforts in regard to the transformation of urbanization, it has failed to officially prevent the increasing trend of urban problems. While almost one-third of the urban population is living in poor conditions, and is stuck in a ...  Read More

Investigating the Role of Habitat in the Geography of Urban Crimes in the city of Miandoab

Jamal Beigi

Volume 8, Issue 31 , August 2019, Pages 61-76

  The crime scene always has a fixed nature and a specific physical space with physical restrictions. Human beings are always creating environmental diversity, and urban crime therefore increases as social relation criteria multiply. To cope with this habitat of crimes, every necessary measure must be ...  Read More

Urban Planning
Measuring the effect of spatial structure indices of Street network on the urban decay caused by impermeability in the city of Zanjan

zeynab aliabadi; mahmoud mohammdi

Volume 8, Issue 31 , August 2019, Pages 77-86

  This research was conducted to investigate the effects of the parameters pertaining to the spatial structure of passages on imperviousness in passages less than six meters wide, which has led to distressed areas in the city of Zanjan, Iran. The research questions inquired what factors in the spatial ...  Read More

Urban Sociology
Analysis of place-based Perceptual risks of Vandalisms in public places of Borje Ghourban neighborhood in Hamedan

sahar esmaeilpourhamedani; Esmaeil shieh; Kianoosh Zakerhaghighi

Volume 8, Issue 31 , August 2019, Pages 87-96

  A common type of crime in modern cities, vandalism has had many negative consequences, causing social and cultural problems, financial losses, etc., and its negative image is more persistent in public urban spaces than those of other crimes. Moreover, the necessity of concern for the issue of vandalism ...  Read More

perception of security in urban open space of Sorkheh Hesar park, Tehran

Alireza Karimi; hossein daneshmehr

Volume 8, Issue 31 , August 2019, Pages 97-108

  Parks are regarded as constituting one of the most important spaces in Tehran, Iran. One of the oldest, largest parks in the city, Sorkhe-Hesar Forest Park, located at busy urban nodes, has unique functions. Optimal use of the space is possible when users feel secure therein. Although known as an extra-regional ...  Read More

Urban Design
A Comparison between the components of Meaning Structure and the Physique Structure in Yazd historical urban context

Forouzan Rahmani; Hossein Nourmohammadzad

Volume 8, Issue 31 , August 2019, Pages 109-125

  A structure is a whole composed of divisions, connectors, joints, and boundaries, which are formed through transformations around regulators in accordance with certain principles. The structure theory, selected as the theoretical framework, comprehensively addresses the structure components, functions ...  Read More