ISSN: 2717-4417
Urban Economy
An analysis of the conflict of interest in the State in charge of urban spatial planning

Mostafa Hosseinabadi; Mohammad Hossein Sharifzadegan

Volume 10, Issue 39 , August 2021, Pages 3-14

   HighlightsApplying the theory of public choice in the discipline of urban planning of Iran.Interdisciplinary analysis of conflicts of interest in state institution as the responsible of urban planning in Tehran metropolitan.Estimating the impact of public choice theory component on decision-maker ...  Read More

Combination of ethnography and grounded theory: a method for research in urban studies

maryam farash khiabani; parvin partovi

Volume 10, Issue 39 , August 2021, Pages 15-28

  Highlights:Ethnography and Grounded theory methods each have weaknesses for urban studies.Hybridizing Ethnography and Grounded theory methods can cover inefficiencies of both methods.Grounded theory ethnography can take advantages of two methods to increase the quality of urban studies researches. IntroductionIn ...  Read More

Urban Architecture
The effect of general characteristics of third places on social interactions. Case study: Cafes of Tabriz.

farnaz dibazar; Sahar Toofan; Siroors Jamali; nima valizadeh

Volume 10, Issue 39 , August 2021, Pages 29-40

  HighlightsThe general characteristics of third places have been investigated using observation, behavior mapping, interview and structural equation modeling (SEM) methods.The feature of conversation as the main activity has the greatest impact on social interactions in cafes.Cafes are an example of a ...  Read More

Urban Management
Identifying the factors affecting the acceptance of technology in the municipality using the method of grounded theory

sharifeh sargolzaei; mahmoud mohamdi; Reza Mokhtari. M.A.; Gholam Reza Shiran

Volume 10, Issue 39 , August 2021, Pages 41-54

  HighlightsThe paper considers organizational level and managers' viewpoint in investigating technology acceptance model.This paper proposed a citizen-based conceptual model on e-government acceptance for developing countries.The results of this research explore new constructs effecting decision about ...  Read More

Urban Planning
Explaining Scenario of physical and functional effects of Shandiz tourism city development, Khorasan Razavi province

Mozhgan Sabet Teimouri; sajedeh baghban khiabani; ali alizadeh Zoeram

Volume 10, Issue 39 , August 2021, Pages 55-68

  HighlightsCulture and tradition have been the most important effect on development of tourism Destruction of agricultural lands threatens the sustainable development of tourism Destruction of traditional textures threatens the sustainable development of tourism Destruction of agricultural ...  Read More

Urban Sustainability
Investigating the role of geometry and type of urban open space on thermal comfort and environmental quality (Case study: Kashan historical part).

karen fatahi; nazanin nasrullahi; maryam ansarimanesh; jamal khodakarami; ali emranipour

Volume 10, Issue 39 , August 2021, Pages 69-82

  Highlights- Regular outdoor geometry directly affects the feeling of security, satisfaction with the texture and buildings surrounding the outdoor space and thermal comfort.- Regular outdoor geometry indirectly affects the satisfaction of outdoor shape and geometry and thermal compatibility.- The type ...  Read More

Islamic- Iranian Cities
Explaining the acoustical behavior and the soundscape quality of Tabriz Bazaar based on the objective and subjective assessments

Abbas Ghaffari; Morteza Mirgholami; Bita Shafaei

Volume 10, Issue 39 , August 2021, Pages 83-98

  Highlights- Spaces such as Rasteh-Bazaars, which are identical in form and material, exhibit consistent acoustical behavior.- By decreasing sound intensity, sonic comfort does not necessarily increase.- In tranquil urban spaces, with the occurrence of "Difference in SPL", the tranquility and quality ...  Read More

Urban Planning
Environmental Impact Assessment of Large Commercial Complexes in Metropolises Using RIAM and EMP, Case Study of Arg Commercial Center

Soroush Khalili; Jamileh Tavakolinia; Naghmeh Mobarghei Dinan; Hamid Soltaninejad

Volume 10, Issue 39 , August 2021, Pages 99-112

  HighlightsThis paper evaluates Arg commercial center with EIA method;After the studies, the present research prepares a procedure on reducing the environmental impact of commercial centers with the help of EMP;The growing interest in building commercial centers in large cities is a significant issue ...  Read More

Urban Sustainability
The role of sister city in creating sustainable income of municipalities using ism approach

seyed abdollah hakimi; majid, nasiri

Volume 10, Issue 39 , August 2021, Pages 113-124

  Highlights - The three components of change in management style, domestic and foreign political stability and legal are the main elements of international contracts.- Sister city is a simple connection between cities that takes place in order to cooperate on common features and develop relationships.- ...  Read More