ISSN: 2717-4417
Urban Planning
Identify and prioritize environmental quality indicators in coastal areas

Mojtaba Rafieian; golkou giahhchi

Volume 10, Issue 38 , May 2021, Pages 3-16

  Highlights: Prioritization of Environmental quality indicators were done by structural equation modelling (SEM) method. Smart PLS software was used in order to analyzing data. Environmental quality indicators of coastal areas were investigated based on users’ opinions. Permeability is the most ...  Read More

Urban Planning
Explaining the role of neighborhood social status in the tendency to its regeneration by applying the structural equation model (case study: city of Arak)

fatemah esmaeilpoor; mohammadhosein saraei; najma esmaeilpoor

Volume 10, Issue 38 , May 2021, Pages 17-30

    Highlights The prestige and identity of the middle tissues of Arak has been effective in the cost of land and has resulted in the destruction of usable residential units. Contrary to Bergess's theory - which describes the central fabric as a fabric with depressing neighborhoods with a sad and ...  Read More

Urban Design
Functional explanation and identification of values of river-centered public places from the perspective of urban design

Seyed Mojtaba Safdarnejad; Seyed Abdolhadi Daneshpour; Mostafa Behzadfar

Volume 10, Issue 38 , May 2021, Pages 31-48

   Highlights ·         Playing various diverse roles by rivers and their abundant quality values for humans and their habitats ·         Utilizing the competitive advantage of urban rivers according to a ...  Read More

Urban Architecture
Analyzing the aspects of participation concept in the process of public space design

Sevda Norozi; Ali Javan Forouzandeh

Volume 10, Issue 38 , May 2021, Pages 49-62

  Highlights: Participation is a concept in various fields and includes a wide range of meanings appropriate to its field of application. Despite the relatively broad theoretical background of participation, its efficiency in the field of public space design process has been less. Three components ...  Read More

Urban Planning
The impact of quality indicators of residential environment perception on ongoing social interaction in Bagh-Shater neighborhood of Tehran

mohammad hasan saeedi motlagh; naser barati

Volume 10, Issue 38 , May 2021, Pages 63-76

  Highlights The quality of perception of the residential environment as a tool for urban planners to promote and organize the environment promotes social interaction. Using Bonito, Fornara and Bones in 2003, the effect of residential quality perception components on continuous social interaction ...  Read More

Slum Settlements
The incremental housing as a strategy in upgrading housing in informal settlements; Case study: Chabahar city

Alireza Nazarnia; Leila Zare; Fariborz Dolatabadi

Volume 10, Issue 38 , May 2021, Pages 77-90

  Highlights The informal settlement, as a result of rapid urbanization, is created in or outside of formal and illegal skirts of cities. This research insists on the strategy of incremental housing as a process in the physical improvement of Chabahar informal settlements. In the final pattern for residents, ...  Read More

Urban Architecture
Investigating the Components affecting Sociability in Residential Complexes using privacy-preserving approach (Case Study: sheshsad Dastgah Residential Complex in Mashhad)

sahar borhanifar; Mohammad Ebrahim Mazhari; Vida Taghvaei; behzad vasigh; Reza Ashrafzadeh

Volume 10, Issue 38 , May 2021, Pages 91-106

  Highlights This study examines the relationship between privacy and interactions together. The results show that the two criteria of border and territory, and interpersonal distances, have the greatest impact on social interactions and the criterion of audio-visual privacy has the least impact on social ...  Read More

Urban Architecture
Investigating the Effect of Contextualism on Spatial Resilience in Tabriz Historical Bazaar with a Focus on Spatial Capabilities

Raheleh Abdollahi; Islam Karami; Ahad Nejad Ebrahini; Leila Rahimi

Volume 10, Issue 38 , May 2021, Pages 107-120

    Highlights • The favorable situation of Tabriz Historic Bazaar was revealed in terms of resilience, contextualism and spatial capabilities. • The relationship between contextual components and spatial capabilities with spatial resilience was explored. • The greatest effect of ...  Read More

Urban Planning
Street Renaissance: an explanation of the re-imagining the social life of the central part of Zanjan

isa piri; Leila Hashemi

Volume 10, Issue 38 , May 2021, Pages 121-133

    Highlights Street renaissance as a responsive tool in problematic solution of public areas of the city, especially the street and re-reading social life, preserving civilization, achieving the idea of an interactive humanist space Renaissance in order to renew the desirability of urban open ...  Read More