ISSN: 2717-4417
Urban Tourism
Conceptualization of the urban branding model in tourism development: the case study of Yazd

Mohammad Bagher Nadi; reza akbari; Mohsen Rafian

Volume 11, Issue 43 , August 2022, Pages 3-14

  Highlights - Citizens, tourists, students, investors, and urban management as important beneficiaries of urban branding. - Importance of establishing a destination management organization in Iran. - Importance of creating an urban brand for the competitive advantage of the city. - Identification ...  Read More

Passive Defense
Comparative Study of Vulnerability of Grid and Semi-Grid Urban Form against Earthquake from the Perspective of Passive Defense in the City of Salmas

Hossein Mahdizadeh; Ghader Ahmadi; Mohammadreza Pakdelfard; Mahsa Framarzi

Volume 11, Issue 43 , August 2022, Pages 15-26

    Highlights - The vulnerability of the semi-grid urban form is greater than that of the grid urban form with respect to the indicators of plot area, fabric pattern, building density, building age, building quality, distance from rescue centers, distance from hazardous centers, building facade, ...  Read More

Urban Architecture
The role of spatial configuration on increasing the sociability of open spaces of residential complexes

sara Mohebinejad; Khosro Movahed; Ali Akbar Heydari; malihe taghipour

Volume 11, Issue 43 , August 2022, Pages 27-40

  Highlights- Various studies have demonstrated that several factors, including social, physical, and economic ones, affect the degree of socialization of an environment.- Spatial organization in a residential complex has a significant role in the increase or decrease in its open space sociability.- Open ...  Read More

Urban Planning
A model for the development of cultural tourism in Kurdistan province

mehdi karoubi; Mohammad Taghi Taghavifard; soran ahmadizad

Volume 11, Issue 43 , August 2022, Pages 41-54

  Highlights - The tourism development model is necessary due to the rapid growth of this industry, increasing income and employment in the countries of the world. - As actors in tourism activities, local stakeholders play the greatest role in the sustainable development of cultural tourism. - The eight ...  Read More

Urban Design
Developing a graphic reading model of urban furniture with an emphasis on improving the sense of place (Case study: District 2 of Qazvin city)

mona mehranfar; Jamaleddin Soheili; reza afhami

Volume 11, Issue 43 , August 2022, Pages 55-64

  Highlights- The graphics used in the urban furniture in District Two of the city of Qazvin, Iran have created a sense of place in the citizens.- Seats, sitting areas, and square elements play the most important role in creation of a sense of place through urban furniture.- Visual structure and architecture ...  Read More

Urban Planning
Identifying the factors affecting the land Readjustment Process in Urban Distressed Areas (Case study: Shiraz City)

fahimeh Namvar Haghighi Shirazi Fard; khalil Hajipour; Amir Hosein Shabani; mahmoud mohammadi

Volume 11, Issue 43 , August 2022, Pages 65-76

  Highlights The existence of intermediary institutions between the local government and the people is a strategic factor in reconstruction of distressed areas. In the implementation of land readjustment, legal regulations and definition of the executive framework play a key role. Landowners’ ...  Read More

Urban Scape
Clarification of the hidden language of the modern metropolis of Tehran by analyzing the selected Iranian movies in 2016

nazila rashidpour; Mohsen Habibi; Manouchehr tabibian

Volume 11, Issue 43 , August 2022, Pages 77-86

  Highlights - As a social space and cultural production of modernity and the capitalist economy, the metropolis has been encoded to convey the preferred meanings. - The metropolis cannot present itself beyond the limitations of any strictly positivistic outlook, and it requires semiotic and phenomenological ...  Read More

Urban Design
Investigating the effect of urban landmarks on children’s way-finding (Case study: Sajjad neighborhood of Mashhad)

shima abedi; Sanaz saeedi

Volume 11, Issue 43 , August 2022, Pages 87-98

  Highlights - The characteristics mentioned by 8-year-old children as used in the wayfinding process include green space and the forms of buildings. - The directional factors considered in the selection of signs in children’s wayfinding process include the colors and shapes of buildings, building ...  Read More