ISSN: 2717-4417
Urban Design
Measuring the Emotional Response of Users in Urban Spaces using Physiological-Perceptual Method

Faeze Rahmani Jami; Maryam Mohammadi

Volume 12, Issue 47 , June 2023, Pages 3-18

  HighlightsIntroducing the methods of measuring emotions and emotional response in urban spaces and examining the advantages and disadvantages and the validity of each method.Developing a mixed method for measuring emotions in urban spaces.Identifying the physical and non-physical factors affecting users’ ...  Read More

Urban Sustainability
The role of environmental quality in the continuity of life in the residential complexes of Arak

Ali Asadi; saeed Salehi Marzijrani; Hassan sajadzadeh; hosein kalantari khalil abad

Volume 12, Issue 47 , June 2023, Pages 19-32

  Highlights - In the residential buildings in the city of Arak, Iran, good construction quality was the first priority of the residents to achieve residential stability.- The cultural level and social homogeneity hold the residents’ second priority to achieve residential stability.- Causal conditions ...  Read More

Urban Scape
The effect of visible Configuration and scape of tall buildings from urban pathways on the perceptual-psychological reactions of people (Case study: Zagros Tower in Hamedan)

pooria saadativaghar

Volume 12, Issue 47 , June 2023, Pages 33-50

  Highlights- Using the quantitative method of oppression analysis of tall buildings, one can judge the location of an urban tall building.- A quantitative study of the psychological effects of tall buildings can be a complementary method to laboratory studies in this field.- Using the EFA method, the ...  Read More

Urban Design
Measuring indicators of creating a sense of place in new urban developments (Case Study: Qods district)

Shirin Eslami; ahmad shahivandi

Volume 12, Issue 47 , June 2023, Pages 51-64

  Highlights- The functional activity component exhibits the greatest weight in the measurement of the sense of place in the Qods district of the city of Qom, Iran.- The physical-visual component has the lowest weight in the measurement of the sense of place in the residents of the Qods district.- Structural ...  Read More

Regional Planning
Causes and consequences of sprawl in the central city- region of Mazandaran

fardis salarian; mahin nastaran; Hashem Dadashpoor

Volume 12, Issue 47 , June 2023, Pages 65-78

  Highlights- Sprawling has turned into a very important issue in Mazandaran Province, because it has affected the natural, socio-cultural, and economic subsystems besides changing the spatial structure and its physical effects.- The important issue in regard to sprawling is to study the causes of its ...  Read More

Urban Sociology
Representation of the change of the historical context of Tehran in Iranian cinema

sara farahpoor; Sina Razzaghi Asl

Volume 12, Issue 47 , June 2023, Pages 79-90

    Highlights - This research develops a new approach to applying an artistic medium as the subject of urban studies. - Researchers can identify and classify the dominant patterns of urban life in Tehran’s historical center through the narratives in Iranian movies. - Urban spaces in the ...  Read More

Urban Sustainability
Social capital as a sustainable living environment among the residents of Mehr housing (Case study: Baharan Mehr housing, Sanandaj)

hossein daneshmehr; saaied khani; vorya molasalimi

Volume 12, Issue 47 , June 2023, Pages 91-104

  Highlights- There is a significant positive relationship between the level of apartment life standards and social capital in residents of Mehr Dwellings.- There is no significant relationship between the type of residence and social capital in residents of Mehr Dwellings.- The variables of neighborhood ...  Read More

Urban Ecology
Evaluation of the effect of tree planting pattern on thermal comfort around residential blocks

mahsa samadpour shahrak; Mehrdad Karimimoshaver

Volume 12, Issue 47 , June 2023, Pages 105-114

  Highlights- The research considered the effect of planting patterns on thermal comfort.- The research addressed population increase and its effect on the morphology of cities.- The results of comparison between the scenario without trees and the others demonstrate that the thermal comfort conditions ...  Read More