ISSN: 2717-4417
Urban Design
Measuring the sound perception of citizens on the Chahar Bagh sidewalk in Isfahan

Marzieh Shafiei; Bahador Zamani

Volume 12, Issue 48 , October 2023, Pages 3-16

   Highlights-The pleasantness of a soundscape to a place depends largely on context.-Decreasing sound levels may not result in a high-quality acoustic environment.-The environmental characteristics of the spaces and the activities they may enable influence directly on the pleasantness of the soundscape.- ...  Read More

Urban Planning
Examining the rhythm of behavioral hangouts in urban parks (Case study: Baharestan and Ibn Sina Zanjan Gardens)

esmaeil daviran

Volume 12, Issue 48 , October 2023, Pages 17-28

  Highlights- Geographical locations have their own unique patterns of space consumption, depending on their design, in different time periods.- Camps with a mobile nature, such as sports camps, have annual productivity and operate linearly in terms of space allocation.- Behavioral camps experience a starting ...  Read More

Urban Design
An analytical study of sensory richness in recognizing the urban space of Hafez Street in Shiraz, with a focus on the senses of smell and taste: a Case Study of Hafez Street, Shiraz

Maryam Roosta; mahsa sholeh; Negin Amiri

Volume 12, Issue 48 , October 2023, Pages 29-42

  Highlights- Sense walking and in-depth interviews were used to analyze the richness of smell and taste senses in urban space.- The experience of the senses of smell and taste and the dimension of time and place mutually affect each other.- The richness of the senses of smell and taste affects the enhancement ...  Read More

Urban Sustainability
Local Climate Zoning of Tehran metropolitan base on physical structure

Saeed Sepasi Zangiabadi; Aliakbar Shamsipour; Ali Hosseini

Volume 12, Issue 48 , October 2023, Pages 43-54

  Highlights- Climatic zoning of Tehran was conducted using the latest and most accurate method available.- This climatic zoning used the processing of Landsat 8 satellite images and sampling in Google Earth.- 17 climatic zones were obtained according to physical characteristics and land surface cover.- ...  Read More

environmental psychology
The effect of various types of public art in urban spaces on the perceived vitality of women in Ardabil

Mohammad Hasan Yazdani; abolfazl abdolahi fard; shiva velayati; samira saeidi zarangi

Volume 12, Issue 48 , October 2023, Pages 55-68

  Highlights- Beautification of the urban space using public art improves the quality of life.- It removes defects and eliminates visual disturbances and urban landscape.- Public arts bring vitality and health to women, who make up half of the society.IntroductionArt has always had a rational and improving ...  Read More

Urban Transport
Solutions to improve the coordination of transportation and urban development plans in Iran: Explaining the challenges

shahabeddin Kermanshahi; Mohsen Sadeghi; Hamid Shamanian; Maryam Momeni

Volume 12, Issue 48 , October 2023, Pages 69-82

  Highlights- Iran's "Urban Master Plan" and "Transportation Master Plan" have been developed independently, typically across different time frames.- Semi-structured interviews and context analysis were used to get expert knowledge to address the contradiction in the two development plans.- This inconsistency ...  Read More

Urban Design
Redesigning a Model for improving the implementation of small-scale participatory projects: a case study of Mashhad Municipality's Mahalle Ma project)

Iman Ghalandarian; Golbarg Ghaemmaghami Farahani

Volume 12, Issue 48 , October 2023, Pages 83-98

  Highlights- This paper proposes a model for improving the implementation of small-scale participatory projects.- The model is based on the findings of a case study of the Mahalle Ma project in Mashhad, Iran.- The model identifies three key relationships: the people and the facilitator, the people and ...  Read More

Urban Geography
The Effect of Climatic Conditions on Spatio-Temporal Changes and biophysical Characteristics of cities Using Satellite Images (Case study: Kashan, Shirgah, Bandar Anzali cities, Iran)

Bahare sadat mousavi; Ata Abdollahi kakroodi; samane Arvandi

Volume 12, Issue 48 , October 2023, Pages 99-112

  Highlights- Urban physical expansion has had an impact on spatial and temporal changes in Tasseled cap, including Land Surface Temperature (LST), resulting in an increase in surface temperature.- Surveys conducted in cities have shown that the patterns of urban expansion are influenced by the geographic ...  Read More