ISSN: 2717-4417
Urban Scape
Developing the model of research method in urban landscape studies emphasizing the Saunders’ research onion

Hajar Assadpour; Mahmoud Ghalehnoee; Armin Bahramian

Volume 12, Issue 45 , February 2023, Pages 3-18

  Highlights- The six layers of the research onion include research philosophy, approach to theory development, methodological choice, strategy, time horizons, and techniques and procedures including data collection and analysis.- The researchers developed the research onion for the concept of urban landscape, ...  Read More

Urban Management
Citizen participation in urban management and identifying its economic and social determinants, Ilam

davood Jamini; Ali shamsoddini; Alireza Jamshidi

Volume 12, Issue 45 , February 2023, Pages 19-30

  Highlights- Participation of citizens in various urban affairs brings many benefits such as enhancement of social capital, satisfaction, and improvement of the civil society.- A condition for achievement of sustainable development in today’s cities is the participation of citizens in its various ...  Read More

The quality of Streetscape and its Relationship with the Citizens’ Activities in Tehran: Application of Jan Gehl’s theory

maryam shaebani; mahmood sharepour

Volume 12, Issue 45 , February 2023, Pages 31-42

  Highlights- Streets are where urban spaces and activities are connected and linked.- Jan Gehl argues that activities performed in the public sphere are particularly important in the understanding of this space.- Streets of Tehran do not provide favorable conditions for social activities.- There is a ...  Read More

Urban Scape
Effect of Green Index on the Visual Preference Matrix of Kaplans in the Residential Streetscapes: Bakhsh-e-Hasht Neighborhood, Sari

Aida Arjmandtabar; Raheleh Rostami

Volume 12, Issue 45 , February 2023, Pages 43-56

  Highlights- The physical characteristics of streetscapes, including the widths of the pathways, are effective on the functions of Kaplan’s matrix.- Kaplan’s visual preference matrix plays a more effective role in non-urban landscapes than in urban ones.- A higher green index causes more final ...  Read More

Urban Sustainability
Evaluation of Managerial-Economic drivers in Decreasing Buildings’ Productivity Period, Tehran

AmirHossein Pourjohari

Volume 12, Issue 45 , February 2023, Pages 57-68

  Highlights- The great part of the construction sector in national investment affects the achievement of urban efficiency.- Destruction of durable buildings is in conflict with optimal use of capital.- Destruction and reconstruction of buildings without rights is an obstacle to achievement of life quality. IntroductionManagement ...  Read More

Slum Settlements
Investigating the Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in the Resilience of Informal Settlements of Urmia against Covid-19 Pandemic

Mojtaba Arasteh; mohammad hosein pour hasan zadeh; Maryam Baghaei

Volume 12, Issue 45 , February 2023, Pages 69-82

  Highlights- COVID-19 has revealed gaps in health management along with a high rate of infectious diseases in informal settlements.- We focused on three components and eight indicators of resilience to evaluate the performance of NGOs in the control of the COVID-19 outbreak.- The vulnerability of informal ...  Read More

Planning worn-out urban fabric
Identifying potential areas for infill development using Remote Sensing: Ahvaz metropolis

Ali Shojaeian; Amer Nikpour; Naser Aligholizadeh Firouz jaei; Mohamad Soleymani

Volume 12, Issue 45 , February 2023, Pages 83-96

  Highlights- When infill occurs in a scattered pad area, it can be said that an unused, inefficient space is formed in the city.- Of the 18,650-hectare legal area of the city of ​​Ahvaz, more than 6,726 hectares has the possibility of infill development.- Infill development with a suitable design ...  Read More

Slum Settlements
The phenomenon of space in informal settlements: the lived experience of Imam Hassan mojtaba Bazaar in Nasimshahr (Akbarabad) (1986- 2016)

Zahra Eskandari Dorbati; Mehrdad Javaheripour; Farah Torkaman

Volume 12, Issue 45 , February 2023, Pages 97-108

  Highlights - Creation of fields of social participation requires an understanding of the capabilities of these communities.- The theoretical approach of phenomenological research and its experimental planning is qualitative.- From the point of view of the lived experience of the studied social group, ...  Read More